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Using these, the player can cheat the space bar.

This has been cracked and probably fixed. The problem had something to do with the GamePad, which was probably set to the pre-game setting in which case the Space bar was re-set to the Space bar of the Keyboard (default;).


From what I’ve seen, the game looks very similar to FIFA 16, with one important difference:

You can’t space-jump.

This item was fixed in the future update.


Populate textbox from hidden div using JQuery

I need to populate a hidden div with text from a textbox when a button is clicked. The textbox is inside of a table row and I can’t figure out why this function isn’t working. I’ve been able to populate the hidden div with data (a long string) upon page load, but I need to populate it with the data in the textbox.
Here’s what I have so far:
$(function () {
$(“#btn”).click(function () {
var $textbox = $(“input[id=’TextBox1′]”).val();

$(‘#Source’).load((“hiddenDiv.aspx?ID=” + $textbox));

How can I get the data from the textbox to be sent to the hiddenDiv.aspx page?
I am getting this error:

Microsoft JScript runtime error: ‘$’ is undefined

Thank you.


You can’t.val() on hidden elements, that’s the #textbox is trying to do, try giving the hiddenDiv a class or id and you can then select using that class or id
$(function() {
$(“#btn”).click(function() {
var $textbox = $(“#TextBox1”).val();


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