Wilhelm Reich was born on March 24, 1897 in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now part of the Ukraine. He grew up in the Bukovina on a large farm operated by his father. He studied medicine at the University of Vienna, and graduated in 1922. He became deputy director of Sigmund Freud's outpatient clinic, the Vienna Ambulatorium. He was the author of several influential books, most notably Character Analysis (1933), The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933), and The Sexual Revolution (1936). Reich became known as one of the most radical figures in the history of psychiatry. He emigrated to the United States in 1939. In November 1942 Reich purchased an old farm for $4,000 on Dodge Pond, Maine, near Rangeley, with 280 acres, which now houses the museum.



19 Dodge Pond Road, Rangeley, ME 04970

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